Should I Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Kelly Green Coffee Bean Extract Before & AfterCongratulations on finding my Green Coffee Bean Extract site! My name is Kerry and I wanted to share something with you really quickly if you have a second. Now the rest of the site goes into detail about the benefits and science behind the green coffee bean weight loss phenomenon, but I wanted to turn you on to a very special deal I found online that has gotten some great reviews…

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If you found this site, then the chances are that you would like to shed a few extra pounds, or as was my case a whole lot of extra pounds, LOL. You have probably tried a bunch of different so called “miracle supplements” and “rapid weight loss systems” in the past and had some short-term success but ended up putting the weight back on not long after…

It got to the point where I didn’t even want to
look at myself in the mirror anymore…

Sound familiar? That’s because I was in the exact same boat as you are now. A constant cycle of crash diets, wonder pills and scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest in the weight loss revolution.  I thought that there must be some magic bullet system/supplement/food that would make it all go away for me. I was obsessed and figured if I did enough research I could find it…

Now, if you are already at your ideal weight and are just curious about the benefits of green coffee beans for kicks and giggles, you probably won’t need to read the rest of this. However, if you are desperately trying to find the secret to effective, long term weight loss and dramatically improved health, THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU EVER READ

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Dr. Oz Show Backs Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr. Oz ShowRecently, an episode of the Dr. Oz show rocked the diet and weight loss industry by promoting the benefits of green coffee bean extract to the world. Millions of people flocked to their computers and furiously began searching for what Dr. Oz described as the “magic weight loss cure for every body type.” He went over one study that showed people losing up to 17 pounds in just 12 weeks with NO change to their normal routines.

Dr.  Mehmet Oz is a well-respected member of the medical community and a recognized expert in the area of weight loss ever since he first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. However, most Dr. Oz supplements and product recommendations are not just a matter of personal opinion. He also invites renowned scientists, doctors and experts to help explain the finer details of his endorsements. In this case, the green coffee bean extract segment featured Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

Lindsey went into further detail about the closed study of green coffee bean extract. Participants consumed an average of 2,400 calories/day, burned a mere 400 calories/day. The shocking results of the study showed that somehow they managed to lose an average of 10% of their overall body and an incredible 16% of their body fat for a grand total average of 17 pounds of weight loss. All of this was achieved according to Dr. Lindsey with zero side effects.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan hails green coffee bean extract as a “triple-threat” which attacks unwanted pounds from three different angles. The key to green coffee bean extract’s effectiveness is the chlorogenic acid found in the raw bean. This compound first stimulates the liver to burn glucose, sugar, and fat. Then, it slows the release of sugar into the blood stream. These two affects combined create a synergistic fat blocker that burns fat and stops new fat from forming. According to Dr. Lindsey, the best part of all is that the supplement is natural and safe.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage

The Dr. Oz show recommended taking 800 mg of the green coffee bean extract twice a day. This should be done around 30 minutes before meals with a large glass of water.  They emphasized the fact that you should look for “pure green coffee bean” or “pure green coffee bean extract” in order to guarantee the best results. That means making sure it is free of binders, cellulose or other additives.

Too Good To Be True?

The Dr. Oz show is really careful about what it promotes. In order to get on the Dr. Oz supplements list it has to pass a number of criteria and close scrutiny. One of which is real world proof. To that end, Dr. Oz gave pure green coffee bean extract to two members of his studio audience for a 5 day mini-trial.

The first participant reported:

  • An increase in energy
  • Reduction of hunger
  • Was full faster than normal

The second participant reported:

  • Increased energy
  • Fuller faster and longer

Kendra, participant #1, started off at 176 pounds and ended the 5 day trial at 174 pounds. Omira, participant #2, started off at 255 pounds and ended up losing 6 pounds to end the trial at 249 pounds. In less than one week the supplement seemed to work as advertised.

So the Dr. Oz show and its studio audience are convinced. What are your insights or experiences with pure green coffee bean extract?

Dr. Lindsey Loves Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

green coffee extract weight lossDr. Lindsey is “truly amazed” by Green Coffee Bean Extract. That is high praise coming from a man that doesn’t normally recommend any kind of weight loss supplements with cliché claims like “easy weight loss” or “rapid fat burn.” But what has both Dr. Lindsey and the media buzzing about green coffee bean extract is its apparent ability to help people shed pounds with little or no adjustments in their normal daily routines.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan has spent over 28 years becoming the naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist people across the U.S. know and love today. His experiences in the lab and across the world in such exotic locations as the Amazon Rainforest or the Himalayan Mountains have made him one of the world’s leading experts on herbal medicines, natural remedies, natural health and “superfoods.” He has brought this forgotten knowledge passed on from lost tribes around the globe back to mainstream America with a mission to bring Mother Nature’s most powerful medicines into your home.

His fascination with green coffee beans began after a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal came to his attention. The study shows that green coffee extract has staggering potential. In fact, participants showed green coffee extract weight loss results that practically blew the lid off the supplement industry almost overnight.

The study consisted of giving 16 adults a supplement of green coffee extract for a period of twelve weeks. After the experiment was completed, the group showed an average individual weight loss of 17 pounds. This in and of itself was good, but the truly impressive part was that this was an average of 10% of their total body weight and was coupled with a 16% reduction in body fat.

Those results got Dr. Lindsey onboard with green coffee extract weight loss in a big hurry. In fact, he is quoted as saying, “That is very compelling information, and one reason why I think that Green Coffee Bean could be an effective solution against the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our country.”

Now before you try increasing your daily java intake, let’s get one thing straight; green coffee extract weight loss has nothing to do with caffeine. The secret ingredient is a chemical called Chlorogenic Acid which inhibits the release of glucose (sugar) in the body while boosting metabolism and burning fat. As Dr. Lindsey puts it, “a triple threat” natural supplement. Let’s be honest, green coffee beans are nothing but raw coffee beans, that is, the way the come off of the plant before they are roasted and ground for your drinking pleasure.

The roasting process is what destroys most of the Chlorogenic Acid and keeps people from experiencing the same green coffee extract weight loss phenomenon by simply upping the number of their daily cups-o-joe. In addition, the amount of coffee you would have to drink to get an equal dose of the good stuff found in green coffee extract would probably send your body into a caffeine overdose. That’s because a normal cup of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine and a Starbucks “Venti” has about 400mg whereas the daily dose green coffee extract supplement only has around 23mg.

So, you could buy green coffee beans and then grind them up for yourself. However, you will find that the taste has nothing to do with that morning latte you are probably used to. That’s why Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Oz recommend taking the green coffee bean extract in capsule form.

We will get where you can buy green coffee extract in the next post.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean ResultsPure green coffee bean extract reviews are in and the raves are through the roof for this miracle supplement. Green coffee bean extract is processed from unroasted coffee beans and sold as a dietary supplement that promises to aid in weight loss. In fact, studies have shown that the test subjects were about to lose impressive amounts of weight without changing their diet or lifestyle.

Green coffee beans extract has been featured on the Dr. Oz show which is a guaranteed path to mainstream popularity. Now the demand for what has been called a miracle fat blaster is off the hook. In fact, it is believed that the weight loss is due to the natural chlorogenic acid contained in the green coffee beans. This chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream and speeds up the metabolic functions of the body. Also, these processes help to prevent the body from absorbing and storing fat. There are many benefits to taking pure green coffee bean extract and they include:

• Speeding up your metabolism
• Burning fat quickly and causing a decrease in appetite
• Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Fighting free radicals and preventing cell damage
• Detoxifying your body naturally by removing excess waste
• Improving your mood

Possible Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Some research has been done into green coffee extract side effects that were reported by people taking the supplement. Among other things the people reported side effects that included upset stomachs and the jitters. These are problems often associated with caffeine in coffee. However. The green coffee extract has less caffeine than even a cup of coffee. Upon further research it was found that the supposed side effects were due to people taking supplements that were not pure and lots of caffeine had been added by the manufacturer.

The caution when it comes to green coffee bean extract side effects is to purchase a quality supplement for a reputable dealer. Be careful when you purchase the supplements and be sure to read all of the ingredients on the box before you buy the product. This is also true for people who are not seeing the same results after taking the supplements. Many times this is because they are taking the cheaper version that does not have the same amount of the pure green coffee bean extract in the product. When this is the case, the results will not be as dramatic and the supplement will not be as effective. The bottom line is that any reported side effects have been proven to be due to additional ingredients in the supplements.

According the experts regarding green coffee bean extract, the dietary supplement has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss as well as provide many other health benefits. It is believed to aid in speeding up the metabolism and blocking the absorption of fat. The Dr. Oz presented a segment on the green coffee bean extract supplement and caused interest in the supplement to explode beyond belief. The caution regarding taking the supplements it to make sure that there are not additional ingredients in the supplement. In fact, research has revealed that the reported side effects are due to the manufacturer adding other materials to the supplements such as caffeine. Moreover, studies have been conducted and concluded with clear results that pure green coffee bean extract is effective in helping people to lose weight. In fact, they studies showed that they lost weight without changing their diet or becoming more active. Pure green coffee bean extract reviews all agree that the supplement works to aid in weight loss.

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