Dr. Oz Show Backs Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr. Oz ShowRecently, an episode of the Dr. Oz show rocked the diet and weight loss industry by promoting the benefits of green coffee bean extract to the world. Millions of people flocked to their computers and furiously began searching for what Dr. Oz described as the “magic weight loss cure for every body type.” He went over one study that showed people losing up to 17 pounds in just 12 weeks with NO change to their normal routines.

Dr.  Mehmet Oz is a well-respected member of the medical community and a recognized expert in the area of weight loss ever since he first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. However, most Dr. Oz supplements and product recommendations are not just a matter of personal opinion. He also invites renowned scientists, doctors and experts to help explain the finer details of his endorsements. In this case, the green coffee bean extract segment featured Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

Lindsey went into further detail about the closed study of green coffee bean extract. Participants consumed an average of 2,400 calories/day, burned a mere 400 calories/day. The shocking results of the study showed that somehow they managed to lose an average of 10% of their overall body and an incredible 16% of their body fat for a grand total average of 17 pounds of weight loss. All of this was achieved according to Dr. Lindsey with zero side effects.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan hails green coffee bean extract as a “triple-threat” which attacks unwanted pounds from three different angles. The key to green coffee bean extract’s effectiveness is the chlorogenic acid found in the raw bean. This compound first stimulates the liver to burn glucose, sugar, and fat. Then, it slows the release of sugar into the blood stream. These two affects combined create a synergistic fat blocker that burns fat and stops new fat from forming. According to Dr. Lindsey, the best part of all is that the supplement is natural and safe.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage

The Dr. Oz show recommended taking 800 mg of the green coffee bean extract twice a day. This should be done around 30 minutes before meals with a large glass of water.  They emphasized the fact that you should look for “pure green coffee bean” or “pure green coffee bean extract” in order to guarantee the best results. That means making sure it is free of binders, cellulose or other additives.

Too Good To Be True?

The Dr. Oz show is really careful about what it promotes. In order to get on the Dr. Oz supplements list it has to pass a number of criteria and close scrutiny. One of which is real world proof. To that end, Dr. Oz gave pure green coffee bean extract to two members of his studio audience for a 5 day mini-trial.

The first participant reported:

  • An increase in energy
  • Reduction of hunger
  • Was full faster than normal

The second participant reported:

  • Increased energy
  • Fuller faster and longer

Kendra, participant #1, started off at 176 pounds and ended the 5 day trial at 174 pounds. Omira, participant #2, started off at 255 pounds and ended up losing 6 pounds to end the trial at 249 pounds. In less than one week the supplement seemed to work as advertised.

So the Dr. Oz show and its studio audience are convinced. What are your insights or experiences with pure green coffee bean extract?

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  1. sandi says:

    please help with some guidance to a good pure green coffee bean supplement!! there are so many fakes i do not know what to buy. pleas respond quickly.

  2. kATHY says:

    I was wondering if you can take this if you have had gastric by-pass ? I had surgery about 6 yeara ago and regretfully have put on about 50 + pounds. Please let me know.
    THANK yOU !

    • Green Coffee Bean says:

      Hey Kathy, I sent you an email. Did you get it? You should always consult with your doctor before trying any new supplements, especially when you have special circumstances…

  3. devin says:

    i am so happy about the green coffee bean results but when i went to buy it i could not find any in 800mg cap so i could take just 2 a day i only found them in 400mg and i don’t know which one’s to trust?! can you give me the name of one i can buy? this will be grately appreciated. thank you dr. sincerely Devin

  4. Karol says:

    Hello, I enjoy reading through yοur аrticle post.
    ӏ wanted to write a little comment to support you.

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