Want to Know Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Where to buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Before and AfterMany people have come to the site wanting to know where to buy green coffee bean extract. They are worried about getting sub-par or imitation supplements with a bunch of filler rather than the pure green coffee bean extract that experts like Dr. Oz and Dr. Lindsey Duncan are promoting on their websites and television programs. Like any popular weight loss supplement, green coffee extract is available from a wide range of sources both online and offline. I personally recommend http://greencoffeebeanmax.com for the best results but there are other sources as well.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Locally

Since it was first introduced to the mainstream public on the Dr. Oz show back in April of 2012, green coffee bean extract has quickly become one of the hottest selling natural supplements on the market. Most natural food stores and small supplement retailers will carry some form of the extract. I have personally seen good prices at my local GNC store so if your town has one it is definitely worth a visit.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Online

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the supplement seems to be available on every website online. This is great for you because it creates a situation where manufacturers need to maintain a competitive price in order to stay in business. As I mentioned above, I personally recommend http://greencoffeebeanmax.com because I know that it contains the proper amount of chlorogenic acid extract (the stuff that is responsible for the weight loss and other health benefits). However, other reputable sources include Amazon and GNC online.

What is the Best Green Coffee Bean Extract?

No one brand can really lay claim to the title of “best” green coffee extract. But there are several things you should take in to account when choosing a brand. These facts come straight from Dr. Oz.

  1. Be sure that it contains at least 45% chlorogenic acid extract- since chlorogenic acid extract is the active ingredient responsible for all of the awesome health benefits researchers have linked to taking green coffee bean extract, it makes sense that you want your chosen brand to use that as its main ingredient. More is OK, but less will mean that you have to take more pills at once in order to achieve similar results. That is bad for your bank account.
  2. Look for brands with at least 400mg per capsule- the incredible lab tests that showed 16% body fat loss in 12 weeks were conducted with 400mg capsules. Dr. Oz recommends taking 400mg 30 minutes before each meal (3 times per day). If you buy tablets with a lower dosage, you will have to take twice as many to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Verify that your brand doesn’t use fillers or additives- green coffee bean extract is good enough on its own. Why add anything to it? Unidentified additives or fillers are never a good idea. However, this is even truer when you are using supplements. It is hard to predict side effects if you don’t know exactly what you are taking. Since green coffee bean extract by itself has no known side effects, it is much safer to use products that rely solely on the natural benefits of the extract.

Want to Try Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Even though this supplement has been proven to have incredible fat-burning properties, there truly is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Since you are about to try green coffee bean extract, why not try other little things that may add up to an incredible new body? How about switching that pasta dish for dinner with a salad? Or, grab your partner and go for a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner? These seemingly insignificant actions combined with a reputable green coffee bean supplement could have a dramatic effect on your health and figure.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean ExtractIf you still don’t know where to buy green coffee bean extract, check out http://greencoffeebeanmax.com!

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